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Dedicated Server USA

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Dual Intel Xeon L5520 2.26 GHz
(8 Cores 16 Threads)
24 GB1 TB HDD1 IPUnlimitedManaged Service, SSL$99USD/month
Dual Intel Xeon L5639 2.13 Ghz
(12 Cores 24 Threads)
24 GB1 TB HDD1 IPUnlimitedManaged Service, SSL$126USD/month
Dual Intel Xeon X5650 2.66 Ghz
(12 Cores 24 Threads)
24 GB2 x 1 TB HDD RAID1 IPUnlimitedManaged Service, SSL$162USD/month

*Unlimited Bandwidth Shared up to 1 Gbps

**Free Bonus Standard Managed Service & Unlimited SSL only applies to the use of Dedicated Server with Hosting Control Panel such as cPanel WHM (paid) or Virtualmin (free) that support Let’s Encrypt SSL

***Setup Fee one time $22.5USD

Our Service Excellence

Let’s join us to get all these advantages

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

    Providers are no longer limited bandwidth quota. We provide the unmetered bandwidth quota so that your dedicated server are always active

  • RAID Mirror

    Dedicated server can be setup using RAID 1/0 with a minimum of 2 disks adapted to an existing partition

  • Stable & Secure

    Usage of CPU, Memory & Storage are fully dedicated so it is more stable and secure

  • Free Managed Service

    This includes the installation and configuration of all server services such as web, mail, database, PHP and firewall by using the hosting control panel

  • Linux or Windows OS

    There are Linux and Windows operating system installed on your dedicated server so that it can be used for any requirement

  • 99.9% Network Uptime

    Network uptime guarantee up to 99.9% for your dedicated server are always online and can be accessed at any time

  • Multi Network Upstream

    The use of multi-network upstream network infrastructure able to guarantee redundancy and minimal latency to all around the world

  • Reliable Data Center

    The data center used is located at Jacksonville Florida, USA which has proven quality and reliable facilities