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Dedicated Server Indonesia

Get the freedom to use your server resources to the fullest by using a Dedicated Server. This server is specifically used for those of you who need maximum performance to support your business growth with server specifications. All packages below use Data Centers located in Indonesia so that they can be accessed more quickly from all over Indonesia.
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Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 3.3 GHz
(4 Cores, 8 Threads)
16 GB DDR3500 GB SSD1 IPUnlimited
Managed Service, SSLstart from
Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 3.8 GHz
(4 Cores, 8 Threads)
16 GB DDR4500 GB SSD1 IPUnlimited
Managed Service, SSLstart from

*Unlimited Bandwidth Shared IIX/oIXP/CDIX up to 1 Gbps & IX up to 100 Mbps

**Free Bonus Standard Managed Service & Unlimited SSL only applies to the use of Dedicated Server with Hosting Control Panel such as cPanel WHM (paid) or Virtualmin (free) that support Let’s Encrypt SSL

Our Service Excellence

Let’s join us to get all these advantages

  • Unmetered Bandwidth

    Providers are no longer limited bandwidth quota. We provide the unmetered bandwidth quota so that your dedicated server are always active

  • RAID Mirror

    Dedicated server can be setup using RAID 1/0 with a minimum of 2 disks adapted to an existing partition

  • Stable & Secure

    Usage of CPU, Memory & Storage are fully dedicated so it is more stable and secure

  • Free Managed Service

    This includes the installation and configuration of all server services such as web, mail, database, PHP and firewall by using the hosting control panel

  • Linux or Windows OS

    There are Linux and Windows operating system installed on your dedicated server so that it can be used for any requirement

  • 99.9% Network Uptime

    Network uptime guarantee up to 99.9% for your dedicated server are always online and can be accessed at any time

  • Multi Network Upstream

    The use of multi-network upstream network infrastructure able to guarantee redundancy and minimal latency to all around the world

  • Reliable Data Center

    The data center used is located in IDC Duren 3 and Cyber Building Jakarta, Indonesia which has proven quality and reliable facilities